Preview and Add capthca in wizard last step

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Hi all, I have created a Skuid page with wizard to use in site. In the last step of the wizard, I would like to show preview of the data entered by site user and also add capthca. Could you please share some pointers on this? Thanks!


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    There are a lot of fields in the wizard which renders conditionally. So preview should show only those fields that has data.
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    Although it may be cumbersome, you could setup the preview in that you have one field editor (for example) that shows all of the fields, and then use a render condition to check if the value is not empty, show the field, otherwise, it won't show for that field.

    Also, do you mean reCaptcha?  I believe it could be done, but it would require JS to get setup in Skuid as well as potential updates in SFDC to acomplish reCaptcha.
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    Thank you Peter for sharing your inputs. 

    Yes, I meant reCaptcha. Could you provide more information on how it could be done? Also, could you please share the JS snippet if you already have? Thanks!
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    Were you able to get this working?
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    Hello, yes I did.  I setup a ReCaptcha page and explained how to implement it in another story:
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