CSS for tab selected.

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I have a tab set that when I select a tab, a blue box surrounds the tab until I click elsewhere on the page.  I cannot find what css is controlling this behavior.  Any suggestions?


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    This sounds like it is browser specific instead of skuid. Which browser are you using where you see this?
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    After checking theme settings I could not find a way to remove these borders either. Stephen definitely has a point there as other themes have the exact same border. I think this might be something from the browser (if not even the operating system). When I select something on my desktop, the same border gets shown. I have tested this on chrome and Firefox, Mac and Windows operating systems.

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    Hi Bill, 

    I have a solution!
    It is really quite simple, you can stop the "focus" on the css from rendering in the browser.

    Dump this into your css: 
    *:focus { outline: none; }
    Problem solved!
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