Display a Lock Icon on field editor ReadOnly fields

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Standard salesforce detail pages display a lock for non-editable fields and a pencil for edittable fields. Skuid only displays the pencil icon for edittable fields.

 How can I replicate standard SFDC functionality and get a lock on my readonly fields? 




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    Great question.

    This will require custom javascript. I don't know of a declarative method to do this.
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    Do you have a particular use case here? Typically we advise people to either not show the field entirely or make it to where it can't be edited on the page. 
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    Our use case is to replicate the behavior of standard SFDC. If a user is accustom to seeing a lock or pencil on a detail page while trying to in-line edit then they would expect to see the same on a skuid detail page. 

    If we have hundreds or even thousands of users looking at a new skuid record detail, a small change like this can sound some pretty major alarms. I personally notice it every time I preview a page and I am the person building said page. 

    Taking away the ability to inline edit takes away a tremendous amount of value so if someone has an example of this that would be great. If not, I will carry along :)
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    I see.

    The good news is that we do have the action icon ui-silk-lock available within this theme. That will likely be needed to achieve this with custom javascript.
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