Skuid in Lightning experience when not all users have a skuid license

Jared JonesJared Jones Member
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Not all of our users have skuid licenses and we currently rely on VF override pages to route the user to the appropriate skuid or non-skuid page.

As we plan our move to Lightning Experience, we want to leverage the new Salesforce components and incorporate skuid alongside.  This complicates the design, but also I can't even tell if there is a way to do this when not all of our users have access to skuid.

Are we stuck in classic for now?  Or is there a way for skuid/non-skuid users to co-exist in Lightning Experience?

I suppose one way to do this (if more complicated than I would like) would be:
  • Create separate profiles for non-skuid users
  • Create different versions of lightning apps (one with skuid pages, one without)
  • Assign the lightning app that does not use skuid pages to the non-skuid profile, etc...


  • Erik WahlbergErik Wahlberg Member, Sonar
    edited February 2018
    I've been using a custom permission to enable the lightning experience for our users. The main issue i'm having is ensuring their default landing page also switches over to Lightning. Asides from that a Skuid Classic and Skuid Lightning co-existing instance works perfectly fine. 

    P.S. for any eMail templates you'll need a user custom field to determine whether those links should be in the Lightning format or Classic format
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