Custom SF buttons/links not working for non system administrators

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I have custom button in a custom object with content source as URL. This button is invoking Conga upon its action. If I can login with the admin profile user, then upon this button click everything works as expected. If I try with non admin users, upon this button click nothing action happens and chrome console throws the following error.

skuid__SkuidJS:formatted:28343 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Id' of undefined at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (skuid__SkuidJS:formatted:28343) at HTMLDivElement.dispatch (skuid__JQueryJS:3) at HTMLDivElement.r.handle (skuid__JQueryJS:3)

If I debug and see, weblink property is found to be undefined in SkuidJS. The user has all the permissions to all the object and fields related to conga and the objects used in the button URL. Also, Skuid Admin, Skuid Page Builder and Skuid Page Viewer permissions assigned to that user.

Also, The same button works fine for non admin users in Salesforce standard layout. Thanks.


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