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I have come across 5 to 10 use cases where I want to display data from two models in the same table. There are some work arounds, but it seems like a home run if Skuid allowed a single model to draw from two or more objects. I realize there are some complexities there, but it seems like if you have two "sister" objects that are related to the same parent, you could fairly easily join them together in the same table by having fields from both objects added to the model and declaring ID field of the first object as the primary ID for the model for things like context.
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    You can display data from two models in the same table using MODEL_LOOKUP. Are you familiar with this function and how it works?
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    Yep. Thanks Stephen. I have used that and it works great. My explanation of what I was trying to accomplish was a bit flawed. Instead of showing data from two models in the same row, I want to show Rows from two different models in the same table. Say I have a custom object called "incoming mail" . I have a separate custom object called "outgoing mail". They are both children of Contact. I would like to display rows from both and sort by the created date field in a single table. There are other examples like displaying tasks and custom object records in the same table for a given contact. The idea would be for records from both objects to appear in the same table and be sortable by some common criteria like created date or a Ui only formula field.
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    I see. Thanks for clarifying. 
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    @Raymond Internally we are referring to this feature request as "Union Models", and it is on our Roadmap. 
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    Great! Thanks!
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    I have several use cases for this as well.
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