'Update a field on row(s)' - Text Areas and Line Breaks

Griffin BrownGriffin Brown Member
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Hey team - I've seen similar posts here: What I'd like to do is use a text area field value as a variable without losing the line breaks. Here's the use case:

Add a line break and the following phrase: "I like Sprinkles!" (let's call it sprinkles) to the end of a text area field that has several paragraphs (let's call it paragraph):

"I like cupcakes. 

I like frosting. 

But most of all:"

I tried using 'Update a field on row(s)' with the following merge values:


Instead of preserving the line breaks in {{paragraph}}, it displays a result like this:

I like cupcakes.I like frosting.But most of all:I like Sprinkles!

Is there a way to make this work?


  • Griffin BrownGriffin Brown Member
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    Apparently if I put an extra set of {} around my templates, that does the trick.
  • Stephen SellsStephen Sells Member
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    Adding {} does the trick because {{{whatever}}} is purely the text rather than being a variable with hooks and other data attached to it. When you put {{whatever}} in, then it becomes a variable interacting with it's surroundings and potentially even affecting them. {{{whatever}}} is just plain text that won't bother anything else around it.
  • Khamla PhimmachackKhamla Phimmachack Skuid Mod, Admin 🛠️ 
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    Note: there is also another way to accomplish line breaks in a text area mentioned on this post.
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