2 organizations with different skuid version and have the same skuid page

Rowel VenturaRowel Ventura Member
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Hi everyone, 

I'm using Skuid on Salesforce. Just to give you a summary of my problem, I have 2 different orgs with the same skuid page content. In Org A, its Skuid version package is 8.15 while Org B is 9.3. So whenever I preview the skuid page in these 2 orgs, they have some differences when it comes to layout:
  1. The subtitle in Org A is in uppercase, different color, larger font size while in Org B,  it is in uppercase and color is black, and smaller font size
  2. In Org A, section header and fields under it are aligned unlike in Org B, section header has a padding-left which makes it not aligned.
  3. In Org A, the tab names are in upppercase, while in Org B it is not automatically in uppercase.
Since I'm just using the same skuid page, is it possible that the reason this one occurs is that these 2 orgs don't have the same Skuid package version, given that Org A is outdated while Org B has the updated version?



  • Mark DeSimoneMark DeSimone Skuid Mod 🛠️ 
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    Hi Rowel,

    Are your pages set to use the same theme? If they have the same page content, this is likely, but it's worth verifying. 

    Also, if you can look on the theme list page image, you may see a button towards the top labeled "Update out of date themes." If you do, we'd recommend updating, and checking to see if the styling differences persist. 

  • Rowel VenturaRowel Ventura Member
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    Okay, I'll look into it

  • Rowel VenturaRowel Ventura Member
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    Turns out that Org A needs to be updated. 
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