How to see a skuid page that shows record type view when i wan to create a Record

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Hello Community,

I have a custom object which has few record types. when i try to create a record on that object in classic salesforce view, i see the following page layout.
Now i want to know how can i replicate it using a skuid page.

So on the tab i have skuid page with list view and looks something like the below screenshot.image
When i click the create button, I want to see a skuid page asking me to Choose for the record type (Just like how we see a page coming up in the Classic salesforce view).

How can i accomplish this task?

Thank you.


  • Matt BrownMatt Brown ✭✭✭✭
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    Hi Avinash,

    As far as Skuid is concerned, RecordTypeId is just a field you can add to a model or component. You could add that field to the table, or set up a separate popup for creating new individual records and include the RecordTypeId field in a field editor.

    Does that help?

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    That means if i have four record types(4 page layouts) with no common field on each layout, then i should have 4 skuid pages and evryone on them should be accessed by a button.

    Is this what you mean?
  • Matt BrownMatt Brown ✭✭✭✭
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    That's one way to do it. You can also conditionally render fields, sections and components based on values in fields (more on that here:

    If you're wanting to view and create multiple record types from a single screen, I would recommend calling a popup from that button, and in the popup put a wizard component. Wizards let you break up processes into steps; in this case, the first step would be selecting a record type, and then when they user navigates to the second step, it conditionally renders fields or sections based on the record type selected. More on wizards here:

    Let me know if that helps. Thanks!
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    Thanks Matt. I Know about these conditional rendering of the fields. I'll try working with the Wizard component. That might solve my issue.
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