Need help in saving the page by cancelling all render conditions and validations

LingaLinga Member
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I am trying to create a button "Save Inprogress", this button should disable the render conditions and validations
Is there any way to do this?

Thanks in Advance.


  • JanickJanick Member
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    Hey Linga,

    I've tried answering this in the other thread:

    Do you require further assistance with this?

  • LingaLinga Member
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    Hi Janick,

    Sorry for the delayed response. 
    The thing is when I click on Quick save button, page should be saved even though the user does not fill the required fields.

    I tried to include below script and button actions on the quick save button, but its not updating the records

    Action Type: Run Snippet: validateQuickSave
    Action Type: Close all popups

    var params = arguments[0],    $ = skuid.$;

    var myModel = skuid.$M('MODEL NAME');
    var rows = myModel.getRows();
    var dfd = $.Deferred();

    $.each(rows, function(i, row) {
        if(row.Customer_Name__c === ' ' || row.Customer_Name__c !== ' ')

    I know something is missing or I am not using the right approach.. but I definitely need help in resolving this issue.

    Thank you so much for the follow up.
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