Congratulations to the Brooklyn Community Champions!

Khamla Phimmachack
Khamla Phimmachack 🛠️ 
edited February 25, 2019 in General
With our recent Brooklyn release, we are proud to acknowledge the latest community champions:

Chandra Verrett
Shmuel Kamensky

These members have been amazing in helping overcome problems in the community. Thank you for the challenging questions that have helped us improve Skuid as a product. By bringing known issues to our attention and sharing workarounds with other members, you have helped the Skuid community to grow as a valuable source for solutions.

We can't thank you enough, you guys rock!!!


  • Shmuel Kamensky
    edited November 2, 2017
    Just saw this. Thanks Khamla! The Skuid community is awesome and well worth the effort!
  • Chandra V
    edited February 25, 2019
    Thanks Khamla!  This community makes a GREAT product even better and more fun to use!!
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