Process Indicator Component Reacts to both Tab Sets

edited November 16, 2016 in Questions
Progress Indicator Add on works really nicely, except I need to use 2 tab sets (one tab set inside another tab set) in a single Skuid Page. This becomes problematic because the progress indicator reacts to both tab sets. What can be done so that the progress indicator is only affected by the first tab set?


  • edited November 11, 2016
    Hi Hui,

    Unfortunately you've uncovered a bug of the current progress indicator component...I will let you know if we have plans to create an updated progress indicator in the upcoming release! Sorry about that.

  • HuiHui
    edited November 11, 2016
    Hi Karl!! I cannot afford to wait for next release! Is there a temporary workaround for this? Perhaps a simple CSS Class defined at Progress Indicator? I tried a few options with my limited CSS knowledge, but haven't been able to make progress. Help!!!
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