Skuid pages not recognizing page param id in Customer Community

Jack Sanford
Jack Sanford San Antonio, TX 💎💎
edited February 25, 2019 in Questions
URLs in our Customer Community don't change for page overrides. For example, instead of /SitePrefix/apex/AccountDetailPage?id=001xxxxxxxxxx users just see /SitePrefix/001xxxxxxxxxxx

I think because of this, in some cases we cannot reference the id page parameter. It works (mostly) for the first and primary object. But when other objects have conditions that rely on that object, we've had to change the condition to reference a field from another model instead of page parameter id. Also, we cannot use $ in merge syntax anywhere, instead we must use the $ for merging.

I noticed something about lightning having trouble loading page parameter id, but our customer community is set to the Visualforce+Tabs template, so that shouldn't be it. 


  • Chandra V
    edited February 25, 2019
    Interesting.  Our community is built on a custom domain (VF + tabs), so we also see mydomain/001xxxxxxxxxxx.  I never noticed that the url parameter wasn't there, yet it just worked.  I did check all my secondary models and all pull the ID from the primary model, not the url parameter.  I'm not sure why, but that's how I tend to build pages - just lucky I guess.

    I am curious as to how the first model gets loaded when there isn't an &id in the url.  I prefer the url like it is, because I don't want my community members seeing the "apex/pagename" stuff.  Sometimes my pages aren't named something I want customer facing.

  • Jack Sanford
    Jack Sanford San Antonio, TX 💎💎
    edited November 18, 2016
    I agree with you completely, I usually build pages referencing the first model instead of the page param, and it looks so much cleaner this way. The places we've gotten into trouble is that we use some pages as both new and detail pages, with conditional rendering based on whether or not the id page param is blank.
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