How do I default to a different Tab in a Skuid Tabset on page load?

Laura Burnett
edited June 25, 2020 in Questions
Please bear in mind I don't code and am taking skuid at it's word (No coding...!!) so please be gentle with me if this requires JavaScript. Something I can copy & paste would be handy...

I've created a tab set on a page, to toggle between three different data sets but in the same page layout. Unfortunately the dataset is very big, so it won't run if all three are on the same page (even if I set it to not load on page load).

Therefore, I need to create three different pages, and use the tabs to navigate to them. I know this might not be a standard way of doing it, but the business likes the tab design & we're using this for third parties via community.

I can get the tabs to take me to the different page, but it always loads on tab 1, even though I'm technically on tab 2. I want to find a way of setting the tab on page 2 to tab 2 as a default, and the tab on page 3 to tab 3. Otherwise, I click through to page 2, and am redirected back to page 1 instantly. 

Any help welcome!


  • Pat Vachon
    Pat Vachon 💎💎💎
    edited June 25, 2020
    Oh me oh my. I suggest another approach for sure. ;)

    One page with your tabset that makes use of Page Include component.
    1. Build your page with your tabset.
    2. Create separate pages for the contents of each tab.
    3. Insert Page Include in each tab and assign pages.
    I love this kind of thing in getting others started with Skuid. Feel free to reach out to me for a 1 on 1 session to get this put together. Lemeno. I prefer Skype calls.

  • Laura Burnett
    edited October 26, 2016
    Amazing! This worked so well. Thank you!!! I am very new, but I'm amazed by what I've built without a snip of code (well, a tiny tiny amount of basic css)
  • Pat Vachon
    Pat Vachon 💎💎💎
    edited October 26, 2016
    Awesome! Now if this Related List of records has other parent records you can use the same page used in the page includes. We do this for Task and Event object so we can leverage dev time for every detail page.
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