How to show line number of row (ie: 1, 2, 3, etc)

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I am showing a list of opportunities and I'd like to see how many numbers I have like in the example below. How could I do this?




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    Hello! I just tried this and it works:

    Firstly, create a template field on the table by clicking the 'Add Field(s)' dropdown on the table. You can label the template field anything you want.

    In the template use:
    <span class="counter"></span>
    And make sure 'Allow HTML' is selected.

    Then, add an inline snippet with the following code:
    (function(skuid){   var $ = skuid.$;   $(document.body).one('pageload',function(){    $('.counter').each(function(index, element){        $(this).text(index+1);    });   });  })(skuid);  
    This iterates through each 'counter' element and inserts the number for you.
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    This won't work, however, for tables with multiple pages or where you are allowing the user to load more data into the table. That would require a different approach - and probably a better one!
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    Thank you Louis. I'll try it out =)
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    Also, let me correct, you should be adding an 'in-line' javascript resource, rather than 'in-line (snippet)'
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    Hi Charlie

    You could use a custom field renderer on any field (e.g. Record ID) that looks like this
    var field = arguments[0],    value = arguments[1],
    $ = skuid.$;
    var index = 0;, i){
        if(o === field.row) {
            index = i;
    field.element.append(index + 1);
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    There is a really simple, declarative approach that requires NO javaScript code: add a Template column to your Table with the following as its template value:




    This is leveraging the {{index}} row merge variable which is available in row merge contexts.
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