search in a table only working client side - platform encrypted text field on lookup object

Jack SanfordJack Sanford San Antonio, TX 💎💎
edited September 30, 2016 in Questions
We're trying out Salesforce Shield, so we can encrypt patient names but be able to search for patients by name. We have custom fields for first name and last name on a custom Patient object. In a table of Patient records, I can search the server for first name and last name. But in a table of child records, Listings, I can't search the server for Patient__r.First_Name__c. It works if I search client-side, and it works for non-encrypted text fields. Is this a Salesforce issue, or something with Skuid?

I should also mention that in the table of Patient records, the search only works if turn on SOSL search, not if I specify the two name fields. While in the Listing table, the search only works if I specify the two fields. 

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