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Can someone help me to display data(records) of object in table or any other component in multiple columns? 

I want to display only one field i.e. Record Name. Please see below screenshot.



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    Best I can come up with is to have three separate tables, one for each column. Each table would have a separate model. Model 1 would be set to contain a max 10 records. Model 2 would also have a max 10 records, but have a condition on it that only shows records not in Model 1. Model 3 would have a max 10 records and a condition to only show records that were not in Model 1 or Model 2.
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    Thanks Raymond for quick reply.

    But how about if data increases in the future?  I am more concerned about that.
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    How can put three tables in single tab without using tab panel?
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    Yes, that is problematic. There are some things you could do, but probably not a perfect solution. You could use conditions/table filters to limit the number of records displayed at any one time based on criteria that will always restrict the results to less than a certain number of records. Ultimately, to do what you are picturing, I think you'll have to do some custom code.
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    Responsive grid component
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    Raymond is right.  No declarative solution for delivering a table that has a matrix of records.  You can use a field editor to iterate over the data and present a card for each record. This will give you columns of records,  but won't give you column or row headings.  I'd check out this conversation:  https://community.skuid.com/skuid/topics/tabs_containing_child_records_within_a_parent_record

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    Thanks a lot Raymond.!
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