Field renderer causing Apostrophe to turn into "'"

DaveDave 💎
edited January 27, 2017 in Questions

Prob a very basic question, but I use the snippet below to highlight text field in a table and for some reason it causes the Apostrophe to turn into "'"

From what i found on another post, I have to use the unescaped value, but not really sure how to do that :(

In case anyone can help, Here's snippet:

var field = arguments[0],

    value = arguments[1];



Thank you


  • edited January 3, 2017
    You'll need to use the skuid utils decodeHTML method to convert the encoded HTML back to readable text. The text is HTML encoded when it gets passed to skuid.
    value = skuid.utils.decodeHTML(arguments[1]);  
  • DaveDave 💎
    edited January 27, 2017
    Thank you very much, that worked perfectly!

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