Attachment "View" Action for Page Include Component

Hello, I am creating a page to help our staff check information in our system again supporting documentation -- the documentation is basically PDFs and images in a related Attachments list. What I'd like to do is to place the document and the fields to review side by side, on the same page, to facilitate review. The way I tried to set this up was: I created a model called ClientApplications that pulled the fields to be reviewed from the Salesforce record (filtered by ID from the page URL). I created a second model called ClientAppAttachments that contained all attachments where the parent ID was the ID of the record in the Attachment model. Finally, I arranged my model fields on the left side of the page and created queue on the right side of the page to list out all of my attachments. I tied this queue to a page include component with model type Attachment and action type View. Basically, I think I followed the instructions here: Layout: image Queue Action: image Page Include: image Error Message: image I also tried "/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file={{Model.ClientAppAttachments.}" for the query string and got the same error message. Does anyone have suggestions for how I can achieve the layout I'm going for? Thanks for your help! Regards, Aparna


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    Hello again - Just wanted to see if anyone had thoughts about this? Thanks! Aparna
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    Hi Aparna

    Probably the reason this has been left unanswered is your use case filters are not too clear.  

    Let me try and understand this a bit better:

    1.  You have an object that contains PDF's (How is this configured by lookup or Master Child or stand alone? - by ParentId/ AccountId/UserID?)
    2.  You have an additional object with pictures? ((How is this configured by lookup or Master Child or stand alone? - by ParentId/ AccountId/UserID?)

    What you need to do is look at the relationship between the objects and the data within. i.e. How can I show one picture and have it show another image that it is related to and by what relationship?

    This you can do in a queue and use the 'on click action' (in the queue) to activate a model filter and refresh the model to show the related records.  This is just 1 way of many possibilities.  Let me know and I will help you further.

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