Add A Blank space In Header Section

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I have created a 2 column division, in column 1, I've placed a section header name, but in column 2, I don't want to place text for the header name, but I want the header to have the same height as the header in column 1 as if there was text in it. 

Is there some CSS I can place in the Section Title box that would allow me to do this? 



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    Hi nikrouges,

    I did this on one of my orgs before. Here is what I did....

    For the column you want this to appear on i add an inline css resource that looks down the tree of elements for the column like so (I reference this css resource name in the component field editor section):

    height: 16px; // you can change this as necessary.

    See the attached screenshot where I removed the text but the sizing doesn't change.

    Also, this deep dive helped me!

    I hope this helps!



  • nsns
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    Thanks Jeff! This did the trick!
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    Awesome news! Glad to help!


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