Skuid Mobile: Setting the left panel on page load

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Hi there! I've looked everywhere but can't seem to find how to do this... How can I set the left panel (and have it display) on page load for a skuid mobile page (without requiring some kind of interaction by the user)? Is this going to have to be javascript? Thanks!


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    Hi Diane,

    Unfortunately, there's not an out of the box solution. As a workaround, you could try to create an invisible button, which is clicked on page load.

    Similar to this:

    Since it is a mobile page, you have to modify it slightly:
    Instead of:
    Don't forget to put it into an in-line JS resource, so it gets executed on page load.

    This is a custom JavaScript solution provided as is without support and is intended to function in Skuid Rockaway Iteration 10 (8.15.8). As with any change, we recommend that you implement and test thoroughly in a non-mission critical sandbox environment before deploying to production.

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    Cool, thanks Jannik! I'll give that a go.
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