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I have basic asks on the Skuid tables & need to know if these are possible with current Skuid or are on Skuid’s roadmap:


1)      End users should be able to add/remove columns on the table.

2)      Remember column sort order applied by the user.



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  • Karen WaldschmittKaren Waldschmitt 🛠️ 
    edited March 2, 2017

    Thanks for these suggestions! They have been submitted to the devs for consideration for a future release. 

    Thanks for helping to make Skuid better!
  • edited February 22, 2017

    Hello TJ ~

    Thank you for your thoughtful suggestion! Skuid listened to your concern and has implemented both of your ideas in the new Brooklyn GA release which is now available in the Skuid Releases page.

    As a reminder, Salesforce does NOT allow reverting back to prior versions of managed packages. Skuid always recommends installing new versions in a non-business critical sandbox environment to test all mission critical functionality before installing into a production environment. We also recommend that you update out of date themes when you upgrade.

    Thanks again,
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