Skuid User Query and Performance

edited November 28, 2016 in Questions
I'm following these instructions for improving Skuid page performance.  Using the Developer console, I've found a query that's negatively impacting page performance - but this query isn't for a model I've defined on my page.  This query looks to be querying permissions on the running user.  Is there a way to improve performance of this query?  Has anyone else run into this?

11:40:10:289 SOQL_EXECUTE_BEGIN [670]|Aggregations:1|select Profile.Name,Profile.UserLicense.LicenseDefinitionKey,CallCenterId,Profile.PermissionsApiEnabled,Profile.PermissionsViewEncryptedData,Profile.PermissionsTransferAnyEntity,Profile.PermissionsTransferAnyLead,Profile.PermissionsTransferAnyCase, (select Id,PermissionSet.Name,PermissionSet.PermissionsApiEnabled,PermissionSet.PermissionsViewEncryptedData,PermissionSet.PermissionsTransferAnyEntity,PermissionSet.PermissionsTransferAnyLead,PermissionSet.PermissionsTransferAnyCase from PermissionSetAssignments where ((PermissionSet.PermissionsApiEnabled = true) OR (PermissionSet.PermissionsViewEncryptedData = true) OR (PermissionSet.PermissionsTransferAnyEntity = true) OR (PermissionSet.PermissionsTransferAnyLead = true) OR (PermissionSet.PermissionsTransferAnyCase = true))) from User where Id = '005E0000004yLLOIA2' limit 1
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