Skuid table ignoring filter changes

edited September 1, 2016 in Questions
I'm having a strange issue with a page... I have a table on a model with several conditions which are filterable. This has been working well for at least a year. Recently a user reported that the filters are not doing anything to the table. I am attaching a link to a video of this issue in action. There are NO javascript errors in the console. The filter simply does not affect the table.

Any ideas??? This is a Production issue...


  • Rob HatchRob Hatch 🛠️ 
    edited September 1, 2016
    When you debug the models soql after setting the filters what happens?  Do the conditions activate as you would expect? 
  • edited November 30, 2015
    No the soql seems off. When I inspect the conditions in the console, the value doesn't seem to be getting set correctly.
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