issue saving ... very very very odd

Pat VachonPat Vachon 💎💎💎
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Only the one change prior to save.


Can't explain this after save image.



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    That's intended behavior - after you gave your record a Product__c lookup field value, Skuid queried for all of the requested related fields on the Product__r record. Skuid always does a "re-query" for rows in your Model that were saved in order to ensure that it's not showing you inaccurate field values that might have changed via triggers / workflow rules / processes.
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    This does look a little strange to me as well. Zach's response would make sense if your screenshot was showing the "data" property of models, but this is in the "changes" property. Is this a pretty simple setup? Are there any "After Save" actions going on?
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    Yup. It's that it's in changes.

    It would be best to review during screenshare.
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