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I created a the exact page that I need to see - it's a tab page with a table iimagen it.  There are three objects represented here - one parent and two children.  I had to add the fields from child records as template fields which worked beautifully, but I now have two problems:
1. I need to be able to edit a few of the child fields here and they don't seem to be available for inline editing.  The other problem, is that the start and end date fields are not formatted correctly I need the time to show normally, eg. 1:29pm.  I have attached a screen shot of my table.


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    Hi JD, I actually did see this.  I created the child model and included the StartDatetime among other fields in that model (in this case the child object is Event) and added the template field as suggested.  Here is my code:




    When I preview this, however, the body of the page never loads.  I literally get a blank screen that just says "Loading..."

    Maybe I just have a typo?  Help!

  • Rob HatchRob Hatch 🛠️ 
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    Make sure that the child relationship is called Event.  Its not really the object name that matters - its the child relationship name. 
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    Can you give me an example because I don't understand the difference.  Thanks!
  • Anna WiersemaAnna Wiersema 🛠️ 
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    The child relationship might be something like Event__c or Event__r, whatever shows up in the parent model:


    is that helpful?
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