Skuid include page shows Visualforce Error: page include does not exist

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I'm adding a skuid page include in the UI directly. But I'm getting a standard Salesforce error when the VF page does not exist: Page include does not exist  error asking me to create Page include. I selected the skuid page from the include dropdown and added appropriate page params. The included page works fine by iteself. The main page has a master page though. Does page include not work when the main page has a master?


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    I'm having this same issue. I use a ton of page includes, but for a specific page no matter what page I choose for my include, it gives me a "Page does not exist" error
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    Hi Raymond, can you upload a screenshot of that error?
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    Here you go. This is a complex page. This page include is in a pop up generated by a global actions button in a table that is in a wrapper that is in a tab set that is in a wrapper that is in another tab set that is in another wrapper that is in a page with a custom Skuid header and footer. The page being included is set to not display Salesforce header or footer. Instead of loading the page as expected, it loads the Salesforce header with the page include does not exist error. Thanks! image
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    Ah... I may have found the answer in the related conversations section below..... Though I use a lot of page includes, I use them in a different org. This is a new org that I am setting up and I never made the local copies as described here:
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    Yeah, if you're using the component method, I believe you need the local copies.
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    That's what it was. Thanks!
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    Very useful, thanks! Was just about to post the same question.
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