mass update issue in banzai - " box:too many SOQL queries: 101"

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I am trying us use mass update to update a single field across 50 records. It returns the error "box: Too Many SOQL queries:101. I never got this error before upgrading to Banzai. Any Ideas?


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    I found this. Any ideas of a work around? System.LimitException: Too many SOQL queries: 101 Knowledge Article Number 000181404 Description The "System.LimitException: Too many SOQL queries: 101" error appears when you've hit the Execution Governors limit, which means you can run a total 100 SOQL queries in a context. All the triggers fired will be counted in a single context or call. To fix the issue, you'll need to change your code in such a way that SOQL fired is less than 100. If you need to change the context then you can use @future annotation which will run the code asynchronously.
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    Do you have a managed package with a namespace of "box"Β installed in that org? Does that package contain any Triggers/Workflow Rules on the object that you are trying to update? It may still be a problem in Banzai, but it could also be an issue with that managed packages code not being bulkified.
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    Interesting... I didn't make the connection but I do have a installed package. It works on the object I'm modifying in bulk, so there is probably a connection there. I'm not sure how to test it other than to uninstall the box package which is not a very good option. Thanks for your help!
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    You will probably need to file a support case with to ask them to examine their trigger code on this object --- if the trigger is throwing an error when editing 50 records via Skuid, then it will probably throw that same error when trying to mass update them via custom Apex code or Data Loader. Box's package should get its own set of SOQL queries but apparently they're not optimizing their trigger code to handle updates to large numbers of records concurrently.Β 
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    Thanks. I filed a support case with Box.
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