identical ui-only formula fields - one works, one doesn't.

Matt SonesMatt Sones 💎💎💎
edited March 7, 2017 in Questions
These two fields:
<field id="password_check" uionly="true" displaytype="FORMULA" label="Verification" readonly="true" returntype="BOOLEAN" defaultValue="false">
<field id="email_check" uionly="true" displaytype="FORMULA" label="Verification" readonly="true" returntype="BOOLEAN" defaultValue="false">      <formula>{{{email}}}=={{{Support_Email__c}}}</formula>
which reference these field pairs:

<field id="password" uionly="true" displaytype="TEXT" label="PIN" length="50"/>
<field id="PIN__c"/>

<field id="Support_Email__c"/>
<field id="email" uionly="true" displaytype="TEXT" label="Email" length="80"/>

The password_check field works prefectly, but the email_check field never makes it into the model (no matter what I try)!

Why would that be happening?


  • J.J. 💎
    edited March 7, 2017

    I think that this is addressed in the next release of Skuid (Banzai Update 3), but if you want to try something in the meantime, try surrounding those email fields with single quotes:
  • Matt SonesMatt Sones 💎💎💎
    edited February 10, 2017
    Thanks, J.

    If I wrap with single quotes now, will I have to unwrap after update 3?
  • J.J. 💎
    edited March 7, 2017
    I don't think so. You should be good either way after Update 3.
  • Matt SonesMatt Sones 💎💎💎
    edited February 10, 2017
    great. Thanks!
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