Is there a way to show the characters remaining limit on the interface

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Hi, is there a way to show the characters remaining for a character limit on the interface . Suppose if a field has a 250 character limit, to show the user filling it out how many characters are left (before submitted the page and getting an error).


  • paras jainparas jain Member
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    I am trying to write Inline snippet code...that works on  onclick of table cell...
    but field is not editable...field has lost its editable functionality... pls reply
  • paras jainparas jain Member
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    Finally i got sucess ..
    Inline snippet code is :-

    var field = arguments[0],       value = skuid.utils.decodeHTML(arguments[1]),
        $ = skuid.$;
      //  alert('adsadacaca');
    // Run the default renderer    
    if (field.mode === 'edit') {
        var errorMessageBox;
        var addFieldError = function(errorMessage) {
            if (!errorMessageBox) {
               errorMessageBox = field.element.find('.field-error-messages');
               if(!errorMessageBox.length) {
                   errorMessageBox = $('<div class="field-error-messages">');
         // alert('adsadacaca');
        var input = field.element.find(':input');
        var MAX_VALUE = 10;
        var inputValueIsBad = function(inputValue) {
            var str = inputValue;
                var n = str.length;
          //  alert(n);
            return parseInt(n);
          //  alert('adsadacaca');
            var val = input.val();
           if (inputValueIsBad(input.val())) {
               var inptText =input.val() ;
               var lengthText = inptText.length;
              // alert(lengthText);
               // Add an error
                var remainingCharacter = 255 - lengthText ;
                addFieldError('Remaining Characters are '+remainingCharacter);
               addFieldError('Hey! Dude You can not Enter more then '+'255'+' characters');
             //  addFieldError('Hey! Dude You can not Enter more then 255 characters');
               // And revert the value
            /*   if (inputValueIsBad(oldValue)) oldValue = 999999999;
               input.val(oldValue); */
           }  else {
               if (errorMessageBox) errorMessageBox.hide();

    and CSS Used is 

    .field-error-messages {       color: red;
        padding: 2px;
    .my-required-field textarea, .my-required-field input  {
        border: 1px solid #D00;
        border-right: 4px solid #D00;
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    Well done. 
  • cjjcjj Member
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    I'm curious if Skuid has considered adding this feature as an option. Would be really helpful where form filling is primary use.

    Is there a generalized way to make this apply to all text or large text fields? ie a way that the JS could figure out the character limit for the field and then apply that (and do it across many fields)
  • cjjcjj Member
    edited October 2015 seems this is not working code as per the post about the undocumented skuid method used here, so I think the thread should not be marked as "solved".

    I can't find anything else on the community about showing character limits on fields or  giving the user a reasonable sense of what can be entered in a field when skuid is used as a form for data collection (and feedback if they don't do it within the limits). Suggestions?
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