Table on Aggregate Model does not re-render after updateRows()

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I know that using updateRows() on a Aggregate Model seems a little odd, but I would have expected that all registered components would re-render after an update? That doesn't seem to be the case.

I'm using inline javascript to do some math with the values of an aggregate model on pageload. When I call updateRows() on the model, the values in the model update, but the table on the model does not re-render.

Is that designed behavior?

As a workaround, I've assigned a unique id to the table, and called skuid.component.getByID('myUniqueId').render(). That's working fine, so there's no rush to 'fix' this, if it's actually a bug.

(as an aside, component.getByID() and .getByType() are still undocumented.) ;)


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    Hi Matt,

    I am also facing that same issue in case of aggregate model based table.
    But as you mentioned that you found a workaround as skuid.component.getByID('myUniqueId').render().

    So i also assigned table a unique id and try to call that script but its throwing that error:
    VM158940:2 Uncaught TypeError: skuid.component.getByID is not a function(…)
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    Hi Matt,

    Never mind.
    I got it reason for that issue.
    We have to use skuid.component.getById Instead of skuid.component.getByID.

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