Campaign Influence

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Is it possible to access the campaign influence object?  I'm trying to add a table to our opp page and can't figure it out.  Would also like to have the ability to add an opp to a campaign.

Essentially looking to replicate the campaign influence related list from the standard opp layout.



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    Unfortunately Campaign Influence records are not available to query or modify via any Salesforce API, or via Apex, or via Visualforce! So Skuid won't be able to show this data either. Vote for this idea on the Salesforce IdeaExchange:

    Idea: Make 'Campaign Influence' accessible via API / Apex / Visualforce

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    Zach, I have a potential use case for Campaign Influence now and noticed that this idea for Salesforce was delivered in Winter '17. I can't seem to see any way still to use it in Skuid though. Darn! Is this still unavailable in Skuid? Thanks - Jeff Rutter
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    Hi Jeff,

    We are in the process of increasing the API version on some core classes in Skuid, which I think will allow you to access new objects available only in API v38 (Winter 17). This should be available in the next publicly-available release of Skuid, which should be out on Skuid Releases within the next week or so.

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    Sounds good. Thanks for sharing these details I really appreciate it!

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