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I am developing my mobile solution and creating an audit.  I have a number of fields that are check boxes.  In Skuid Mobile the check boxes appear as sliders instead of check boxes which is fine.  But the sliders say On or Off.  I looked in the developer console and I know I need to change this line from On and Off to True or False.  I would also need to make the slider wider to accommodate more characters.  ANd make true be in light green and false be in red.  I know I can do the coloring using CSS.  But how do I change the label from on off to True False?

input[type=checkbox]:before { content: 'True'}input[type=checkbox]:checked:before { content: 'False'}


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    Hi Rich

    input[type=checkbox]:before {   content: 'FALSE';
    input[type=checkbox]:checked:before {
       content: 'TRUE';

    should do it

  • rslackrslack ✭✭✭✭
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    Ahh, the whole thing is done in CSS. . .  Sweet, worked great.  I was thinking it might need to be a snippet.  Hope you are doing well Peter!
  • Rob HatchRob Hatch 💎💎💎
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    Glad you got this worked out.  CSS is often more powerful than we think. 
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