How to populate a table with records the user can't see?

edited June 25, 2020 in Questions
We have two custom objects - let's call them "bucket" and "stuff". A bucket can contain zero to N stuff records e.g. there is a lookup relationship from stuff to bucket. Because it is a lookup relationship stuff has it's own _share object. Because of the way stuff is being bucket(ed), users that can see the stuff related to a bucket may not be able to see all of the stuff related to the bucket.

We have a requirement for a bucket Skuid page that has two tabs - a tab that lists the stuff in that bucket that the user has read or read/write permissions on and a tab that lists the stuff that the user does not have permission to read.

To the best of my knowledge I can't use a model to display the list of stuff records the user can't at least read. In a class.method "without sharing" I can get at the unreadable stuff records, but how do I pass them back out to Skuid to be displayed on the page? Or (hopefully) is there an easier way to tackle this?


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