Pre-populating Lookup Field with Skuid Redirect

Kaede HollandKaede Holland ✭✭
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Hi - 

I'm having trouble pre-populating a lookup field on a skuidified version of a "New Record" page.

I can accomplish if I do not override the new record page, as seen here:


I am using the following to redirect from a table row:{{Name}}&CF00NU0000004jAzH_lkid={{Id}}

But when I override the "New" action with my Skuidified page, the Project field does not pre-populate:

What am I doing wrong? 


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    It's likely that Salesforce is doing some magic behind the scenes, but it should be fairly simple to reproduce in skuid. I'm assuming that "CF00NU0000004jAzH_lkid" is the parameter that points to the Id. So you probably have a new "Debrief" model that has a lookup to "Project". If that parameter has the Project Id , you can add a condition on your New Debreif model where Project  = URL parameter "CF00NU0000004jAzH_lkid". That should automatically populate the Project field. This can also be done via Javascript relatively easily. I can write up a snippet if you would like.
  • Kaede HollandKaede Holland ✭✭
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    Thanks, Moshe! I feel like I'm getting closer. 

    I tried exactly as you explained, and that populated the Project field with the Project's record ID. Then I tried to also include the parameter for the project name (CF00NU0000004jAzH). Everything looked good, but I got an invalid reference to project id error on save. 

    Then I tried with just the parameter for the project name, and everything looked GREAT... until seconds later when the prepopulated project name field cleared itself of any text. 

    Maybe I am really close to getting it without javascript? Or maybe it is easier with javascript? In any case, I am very grateful for your help!
  • Pat VachonPat Vachon ✭✭
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    You are close.

    Best way to finish this would be to load another model with that id on page load. Then the model that is creating a new row can use "Field from another Model" condition type to set the Project.
  • Kaede HollandKaede Holland ✭✭
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    Wooo!!!! Got it! Thanks, you guys!
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    Thanks guys.  Kaede wrote our very first App Exchange review.  She will always have a special place in our heart! 
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