Permission Denied Error when using page include

edited February 14, 2017 in Questions
I am receiving the following error: image Here is the Scenario: I am trying to print a page using the following jQuery PlugIn: image The plugin is supposed to bring up a page with a preview so it can be printed. I tested the plugin in a simple page and it work correctly as shown here: image However, when I try to use it in a more complicated page, with multiple tabs, and a page include I get the error: image I know it has to do with security and the cross browsing security rules. Any help is appreciated in order to help me set this correctly. More Info: In the more complicated case, I have the printPreviewJS loaded in the parent of the page include and not in the page include itself. The reason is because if I include it in the page include it doesn't load. It only loads from the parent page. Thank you in advance.


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