Issues with Clone URL parameter

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I've just spent some time figuring out an issue, and thought I'd leave it here in case anyone else encounters this in the future.

I had a page with a few models, and I wanted to clone one of the models. On the advanced tab, I set the 'load on page load' and Clone to 'Yes if clone is present' but it wasn't working - debugging in the console showed the doClone property was stubbornly false.

The issue was I was using a URL parameter in a condition to get the necessary record. The parameter's name was jid, and changing this to simply 'id' made the problem disappear, and behaviour was as expected.

There's not a lot of documentation on this feature - worth a few extra lines on one of the doco pages somewhere?


  • Amy DewaalAmy Dewaal 💎
    edited May 23, 2018
    Hi Gary,

    Thanks so much for sharing your solution with the community! I'll let the documentation team know about your suggestion.

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