where is the link to skuid mobile page builder

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seems stupid, but none of the online documentation tells how to open it
i suppose the videos do, but i can't play a video right now. It should be in the written documentation as well....

ok, i found the documentation
but when i do "new page", I don't get an option of "type", just page name.
do i need to update my skuid ?
or is there some config setting i need to change?

i notice on the app exchange skuid is at 4.4
my skuid seems to be 3.5

however, there seems to be no direct way to upgrade... do i have to reinstall ?

having a stupid day


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    4.14 is the most current release.  You can find the released versions here: http://www.skuidify.com/skuidreleases  It will be uploaded as a upgraded package.  When you go to build a mobile page the option to choose desktop or mobile should be there.   
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    David is right, to get to the Mobile Page Composer, you need to create a new Page, and choose "Mobile" as the Page Type.

    See our Mobile Composer documentation for more details.
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    Hmm.  I'm at Skuid 5.21.8 and still can't see the Page Type radio button in the New Page page...  Also having a stupid day :-)
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    No worries.  Look at the image below: 

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    Yes worries.  My screen does not reflect your screenshot :-)image
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    Stumper.  Would you mind graning us login rights to your org and then sending an email to [email protected] with the Org ID? 

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    One more thought.  You may not have access to the page type field on the page object.  We took care of all those permissions in the Page Builder permission set.  If you make sure you have that permission set - you should be good. 
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    Confirmed on review of you org.  Add the Skuid Builder permission set and you should be good... 
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