Skuid with auto-select State and Country Picklist values

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Krista asked a question that I felt merited its own topic. 

" 2. How can we auto populate/auto-select State and Country Picklists. The picklists are a new enhancement from Salesforce . . . " 


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    Salesforce has implemented a new feature with the Winter 14 release that is really cool.  These are country and state picklists that can be configured in one place, and help normalize address data accross many places.  

    These picklists are related,  so... 
    - When you choose Brazil as country - you get states:  Acre, Alagoas, Amapa, Bahia...  
    - And when you choose China you get states:  Anhui, Beijing, Chinese Tiapei, Chongquin, Fujuian....  
    (and if your organization has political sensibilities about the status of Taipei -  Salesforce lets you configure the countries and their states) 

    Here is the information from Salesforce about configuring these picklists:  Skuid respects these picklists, and once you have gone through the configuration process in salesforce they can be used in Skuid. 

    Each object that has address information will get two new fields that look like this: 


    These picklist fields can be dragged into your field editors or used in your address block template fields.  They work just like picklists, and the dependencies work just like standard salesforce. 


    Hope this is helpful....

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