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You can see here I'm using a template component to add a html comment to my page. I need to add quite a bit of documentation to finish up this application... and I prefer to add it directly into the code... or in this case, into the page designer. This works, but I really don't need to see my comments in the rendered page... only in the designer. Could you add a "comments" field to all controls that would appear in the design pane and be stored in the page xml ?
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  • Rob HatchRob Hatch 🛠️ 
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    Noted.  I was just thinking about this as a means of helping an administrator know what was happening in a page that someone else had built for them.   Of course the messy hack is to put the comment in the XML  (<!-- "comment"  -->)  But that really doesn't accomplish what you want. 

    Well consider this an idea... 
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    Rob, Since a lot of SKUID apps will probably be built "on the fly" it would be really helpful to have a way to communicate/make notes/etc. Putting it in a template (and NOT checking "use html") lets you read it in the designer... but not see it when the page is rendered. I've just started also using this for "TODOS". I figure I'll make a custom visual force page and loop over the page object and find the "todos" in the xml of the page and print them out as a report...... it looks like there's a lot that could be done with SKUID when you start thinking of it as a development environment and not just a page builder.... adding versions was a great example.
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