Are there any keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys?

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I recall seeing a reference to keyboard shortcuts for Skuid actions for end-users, but can't find anything now. For instance, I'd like to be able to "start new table row" with a combination of keys instead of using the mouse to click. Do these exist, or are they easy to create?
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  • Zach McElrath
    edited December 13, 2019
    Peter, there are not currently any hotkeys or shortcuts, but we've certainly thought about it! Here's some of the hotkeys we're considering: On any Skuid page: Ctrl + E = Edit the current page Ctrl + S = Save the component in focus (e.g. Page Title, Table, Field Editor, etc.) Ctrl + C = Cancel the component in focus (e.g. Page Title, Table, Field Editor, etc.) Ctrl + T + Arrow Left/Right = Move through the tabs in the Tabset in focus Ctrl + N = Add a new row to the Table component in focus In the Skuid Page Builder: Ctrl + S = Save changes to the current page Ctrl + C = Cancel changes to the current page Ctrl + R = Open Page Version management (coming soon!) What do you think about these? Any additional hotkeys you can think of?
  • Anna Wiersema
    Anna Wiersema 🛠️ 
    edited November 23, 2015
    what would determine the component in focus?
  • Zach McElrath
    edited December 21, 2016
    Anna, that's the difficult part about all of this. We would have to introduce some functionality to Skuid that keeps track of what is in focus, for instance, when a Tab is selected, its parent Tabset would be the current Tabset "in focus"; with this information, then if the user does the "Create new Table Row" hotkey, perhaps we could search for the first child Table component of the Tab in focus (or just the first Table on the page, if there are no Tabs), and then try to create a new row in it. As you can imagine, this gets pretty complicated very fast, which is why we haven't implemented a lot of these scenarios yet. Some of the scenarios are easier, such as the Page Builder scenarios.
  • Peter
    edited November 19, 2015
    On my page I have a lot of components, but I also have a "save all" button in the top page header section, so it would be handy to have a hotkey for that (somehow). Maybe the ability to define the hotkey per button, with the understanding that you should only use a key once per page? Hopefully it isn't too hard to do the "new table row" feature if there isn't more than one table visible.
  • AcutelyObtuse
    edited November 13, 2013
    Where do keyboard shortcuts stand within Skuid? Tried to do a more expansive search but post was all I could up, feel free to point me at another URL if there is some info out there I missed.
  • Zach McElrath
    edited April 14, 2017
    We haven't added any more shortcuts yet. Here are a few end-user hotkeys that are pretty useful, that are provided through jQuery UI: Escape --- gets you out of any Popup Arrow Keys --- move you from one Tab to another within a TabSet.
  • Rob Hatch
    Rob Hatch 🛠️ 
    edited September 1, 2016
    For anyone following along at home.  Support for builder defined user shortcuts have been added as part of the Summer 14 release.  All actions now have a Hotkeys property tab where you can connect the action to a particular keyboard shortcut. 

    These have also been added to the builder,  so selecting Ctrl-S  (or Command-S on the Mac)  executes Save.  Ctrl-P executes Preview. Nice... 
  • Vijayakrishna
    edited April 14, 2017
    can I disable this events for up/down arrows ?
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